Deleting a user or reviewer is simple and can be completed within the settings console. Once you have entered the settings console you will be presented with three options, Personal, Company and User settings. Click the green button below the section titled “Users” and you will then be taken to an overview screen.

Scroll down to the second section on the page titled “Your Users” in this section you will see a list of all of your companies users and can search for individuals using the search bar at the top of the box. Once you have selected the user you wish to delete, simply click their name and you will be taken to their profile page.

Once you’ve come to the chosen users profile you will see their profile picture on the left hand side followed by their name and email address with their sign up date underneath. Below the users personal information you will see a red button titled “Delete User”. If you are deleting a reviewer you will simply be asked to confirm the decision and they will be deleted. If you are deleting a Hiring Manager you will be asked to transfer all of their data related to interviews to another Hiring Manager before you can delete them. Once you have selected the Hiring Manager to transfer the data to you can delete the user.

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