First, make sure you are using the latest browser version, and that StemX is compatible with the browser you are using. View the article for Browser compatibility here. Close any applications that might be interfering with your camera/webcam - then follow these steps:

  1. We will ask permission to connect your webcam when doing the setup. First thing's first is 'Allowing us' to access your Camera. The screenshots below are where you have to allow us on Chrome & Firefox. 

Once you have given us access, make sure there is nothing covering your camera or obstructing the view. 

If you are still experiencing problems with your Camera, see below.

2. Confirm that your Camera is working. 

Try opening your camera in another application, like Photo Booth for Mac or on a Windows Device, try opening Camera. If you your camera works, there may be a problem with your browser. 

3. Troubleshooting your Browser Camera

You may be getting interference from other applications, or have too many add on's on your current Browser which may be effecting the StemX application. We advise to stop these applications if your camera is still not working. If you are unsure what these add ons are, see the screenshot below; 


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