No travel required 

I think we have all spent unneeded time travelling to interviews that you aren’t right for you, or you are not right for them. There is now no travel required for the first stage interview. Instead, you can do the interview in your own time.

It’s a fairer process

You now get the same questions, with the same time constraints on each question, as well as the same amount of allocated time to complete the interview. You will have an equal opportunity to showcase your best self, in the comfort of your own environment.

Improving how you interview

When doing an interview with a Recruitment Agency, your Recruiter will gain valuable insights into you and how you can present yourself more effectively to hiring managers. Being able to be reviewed at an early stage in the process, may increase your chance of getting the chance by avoiding simple mistakes you may be making.

No need to take time off, do it in the space of your home

Finding a time that suits you around your busy work schedule is always difficult, especially when you are trying hard to be available for the job you want. With StemX, you can do your interview at your convenience. Sit down, relax in the space of your own home and complete your video interview. No need to worry about connection issues, camera issues or being late. We make sure everything is working for you. 

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