Deeper insights with less time wasted, at an earlier stage

Receiving engaging video interviews of candidates answering job specific questions, allows you to understand more about candidates at an earlier stage in the process. Instead of just guessing of a CV, or wasting time on an initial phone call, you can get a much more comprehensive evaluation of each candidate.

Better candidate comparisons 

Instead of relying on your memory, different notes & pieces of paper, compare candidate responses. You are able to play back each answer as many times as you want, allowing you to really pick out the candidates who you like and compare extensively against other candidates.

Quicker process & better collaboration 

Get instant notifications when candidates are ready for review. Record a rating and comment against each candidate in seconds, making it easy to relay information back to agencies, stopping all the email chains. No longer do you need to book time for a panel of interviewers, simply collaborate online and shortlist your best candidates.

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