To delete a user go to the dropdown menu by clicking on your name in the header bar and select "SETTINGS"

Once you arrive on the "SETTINGS" screen you will see 3 options, select the "USERS" option.

Once you've done this, scroll down to the "YOUR USERS" section and click on the user that you wish to delete.

When you reach the chosen user's page you will see this screen:

Click on "DELETE USER" and a pop-up will appear.

If a user has interviews that are active you will need to transfer them over to another user before you can delete them.

You can do this by selecting the member you would like to become the primary owner of this data from the dropdown list called "NEW PRIMARY OWNER". 

When you have done this press "OK" and the user will be deleted.

If you need further assistance please use the live support chat feature in the bottom right-hand corner or alternatively you can email:

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