Interviewing on StemX – video platform

This is a one-way interview, where you will view some questions on a screen and video record your answers. As this is not a face-to-face interview, you won’t be able to discuss/ask questions until the second stage of interviewing, but you can take the interview whenever is convenient for you.

Step 1: Log on the website from a laptop/computer with a webcam, or from your phone.

Tip: if on phone, ensure you’re on wi-fi so uploading your video interview doesn’t use your data.

Step 2: Take a practice question to see how the interview works in reality. This is also a chance to test your audio and video quality.

Tip: when the question is on the screen, the camera is NOT recording.

Step 3: Start the actual video interview. You will have some time to prepare your answer (while the question is on the screen). Once the question disappears off the screen, you will start being recorded to give your answer.

Tip: on laptop/PC, the camera will start recording automatically. On a smartphone, you will need to press the Record button.

Step 4: When you finished answering a question, you can stop recording yourself and skip to the next question.

Step 5: Once completed, follow the instructions to upload your video.

If you have any issues, StemX offers online tech support through live chat, so please feel free to contact them for help. We've also added a short video of the process below which you can watch at your convenience. Good luck! 

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