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As you may have known, we have been looking into new technology and specifically Video Interviewing. We have decided to begin using a new, innovative company, which will allow you to create questions for your candidates, send links out to these candidates for them to complete video interviews in their own time. 

We can then share our best candidates with multiple clients for feedback, in turn creating better relationships. As a team we all need to work together to implement this into our process, but the Customer Success team will also be on hand to help. You should recieve an email from StemX asking to set up your password. Once you have done this, you can begin creating interviews and inviting candidates.

Here are some of the reasons why you should take this technology seriously and give it a real good go. 

Coach candidates along the way

Guide and advise candidates to show their best possible self. Review their interviews which they complete in their own time, and give valuable feedback on what they can improve on. By having the opportunity to guide candidates through the process, your clients can trust they’ll be seeing the best possible candidates. 

Grow your candidate pool

Creating and continuously nurturing a candidate pool is necessary for great recruiters. Building an internal database of candidates takes time, but ensuring that you have quality available when your clients call upon you is key. With StemX’s Video Interview platform, you can share candidates with multiple clients, and if it doesn’t work out now, you will still have their Video Interview for future roles.

Improve how you market you and your candidates:

Whether we are working exclusively, or going up against other agencies, sending a Video Interview of your candidate alongside a CV makes not just your candidates more appealing, but makes us as an agency more appealing to work with. Clients can see candidates for themselves, making your service more personalized. 

Place higher quality candidates

By offering video interviews to our clients, it makes collaborating over future hires seamless. It allows our clients to state exactly what they love and don’t love about each candidate. Over time, we can utilize this data and review who has hired, to find similar fits which will better align with each client’s culture. 

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